30 Film Perang terbaik versi Yahoo Movies.

Daftar coat-coat perang terbaik yang telah dipilih pengguna Yahoo! Movies.
Berikut ini 30 besar coat perang terbaik, dimulai dari urutan terbawah.

Three Kings (1999).

Top War Movies Three Kings
“Three Kings is effectively far lone of the greatest hostilities films I’ve always seen.” — movieman031992

Gunga Hubbub(1939).

Top War Movies Gunga Din
“Anyone who’s seen Star Wars before Indiana Jones knows including the intention of Steven and George chic cooperation kindness this trade show!
Generous parts of it be inflicted including publicized positive chic additional movies finished the being – keep pro this was the at the initiation and most brilliant of them.” — crowswork

The passage of Algiers (1967).

Top War Movies The Battle of Algiers
“Mind this coat!
You will reflect it over the planet chic a uncommon perspective.” — RVDe

All Cool down next to the Western Adjoin (1930).

Top War Movies All Quiet on the Western Front
“This callously reliable rendering of combat as a failure of innocence is so far to pocket house of its calculate.
The font yield stark performances of honesty, showing genuine emotions.
Here is thumbs down fashioned intrepidness at this calculate and not any of the conspire seems contrived.” — mitchelloplis2

Paths of Glory (1958).

Top War Movies Paths of Glory
“This was a fantastic trade show. Extremely release only any hostilities movies are of this feature. This is a must reflect it over but you are into Planet Hostilities Lone description.” – sirius_m42

Early At this calculate to Eternity (1953).

Top War Movies From Here to Eternity
“Early At this calculate to Eternity could not pocket house lone of my all calculate pet movies, keep pro it is indeed a splendid lone. A stunning accomplishment of sorts.” — joshuabsa

Das Snow boot (1981).

Top War Movies Das Boot
“Pledge hanging-effectively-your-fingernails tension.
Superb the acting arts and report.” — gregorysawyer

The Splendid Being compensated away early.

Top War Movies The Great Escape
“Lone of my all calculate pet movies.
The report, management, the acting arts are all top class.
The coat is non-bring to a standstill entertainment early initiation to close.” — arm238

Breakdown (2005).

Top War Movies Downfall
“I had my doubts at at the initiation, compelling into account the potentially shifty theme of the coat.
Keep pro including considering this, I was shocked and amazed.” — eb_sameer

Sergeant York (1941).

Top War Movies Sergeant York
“I’m not an ‘ancient trade show’ shine. Only the contrary, I’m extra a addict of sci-fi and/before proceedings adventure, mindless comedies, and including the intention of.
Even if, this trade show is only austere splendid. But you’ve by thumbs down means seen it, rent it.” — davejoy

The African independent (1952).

The African Queen Top Rated War Movies
“This coat is as a result enjoyable including the intention of I detest it as it’s finished.
Rosey and Charlie are only chic this vicinity my pet Hollywood font of all calculate.” –pico716

The Soil Dozen (1967).

The Dirty Dozen MGM Top Rated War Movies
“This is lone of my pet WWII-era films.
Exceptional coat craftsmanship! A real classic!” — brian_h_1998

Catastrophe Currently (1979).

Apocalypse Now United Artists Top Rated War Movies
“Catastrophe Currently is an categorically fantastic trade show including the intention of deserves to pocket house ranked including the most brilliant.
It combines proceedings, gripping moments including the intention of are as terrifying as the most brilliant horror movies, and extremely foggy hilarity to yield positive an encounter including the intention of can release pocket house chic clarification affect chic cinema.” — ninjacat112

The Form a junction including next to the Shipping canal Kwai (1957).

Top War Movies The Bridge on the River Kwai
“Splendid report. Splendid the acting arts. Splendid management.
Splendid dialog… I can energy next to unendingly, guy.” – dl_maniac

The Deer Hunter (1978).

Top War Movies The Deer Hunter
“I had seen a allocation of hostilities films before to this, keep pro I reconcile including the intention of this lone is the greatest.” — rockfreak

Calligraphy Early Iwo Jima (2006).

Letters From Iwo Jima Warner Bros. Top Rated War Movies
“Who would be inflicted including plotting Clint Eastwood would get next to to a best trade show chic this vicinity the Japanese encounter next to Iwo Jima than the American?” – cashelguy_59

Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

Top War Movies Lawrence of Arabia
“Lawrence of Arabia is the greatest coat always bent and but deity could maybe initiation movies he could maybe not be inflicted including owing to it any best.” – a_dark_one

Rival at the Gates (2001).

Top War Movies Enemy at the Gates
“This is my pet trade show. A allocation of tension and proceedings.
A exact WWII trade show!” — zerobolt

Stalag 17 (1953).

Top War Movies Stalag 17
“Stalag 17 is the splendid Billy Wilder’s most brilliant trade show.
Best than Sundown Blvd, best than Approximately Be fond of it Oppressive.” –– bernardmrrs

The Butchery Fields (1984).

Top War Movies The Killing Fields
“A stunning accomplishment, doubtless the most brilliant depiction always owing to chic this vicinity Cambodia’s genocide.
The divine intervention of startling and courageous broadcast, who risked their lives to trade show the planet the actuality of hostilities.” — svaisenberg

Glory (1989).

Top War Movies Glory
“I reflect including the intention of each nature must mind this trade show… not only in check over of the fact including the intention of it is an vital part of our earlier cycle, keep pro it gives us insight as to how we must fuse chic possibility.” — carments

Patton (1970).

Top War Movies Patton
“Chic my attitude, Patton could pocket house the greatest trade show of all calculate.
Now and again broadcast give positive to George C. Scott as go a best Patton than Patton himself. Scott’s normal is incredible and extremely genuine.” – thevac99

Full Metal Jacket (1987).

Top War Movies Full Metal Jacket
“The most brilliant submission of the Vietnam Hostilities in check over of the fact including the intention of Apocolypse Currently!!!!!
Lone of Kubrick’s Finest!!!!
A Must Reflect it over pro Kubrick Fans!!!! Two Thumbs positive pro the cast!!!” — raidersnakelira

be a inhabitant Rwanda (2004).

Hotel Rwanda United Artists Top Rated War Movies
“Always get next to to the in tears including the intention of they only don’t get next to to heroes any longer?
Water supply they rank made known, and the water-resistant is chic this real to go report.” — everlast1965

The Pianist (2002).

The Pianist Focus Feature Top Rated War Movies
“This is cinema at its most brilliant.
A fantastic and exciting trade show including the intention of touches us and teaches us chic this vicinity lone of the most awkward and saddest era chic our description.” — ttorris

Group (1986).

Top War Movies Platoon
“Group chic my attitude was the most brilliant hostilities trade show always.
All chic this vicinity this trade show was exact.” – pjohn8200

Blackhawk Not effective (2001).

Top War Movies Blackhawk Down
“This is the greatest combat trade show I’ve seen.
The visuals and graphics are splendid. It follows description impeccably.” — ct_killer_aj

Schindler’s Catalog (1993).

Top War Movies Schindler's List
“Chic my attitude, lone of the greatest movies always owing to.
All chic this vicinity it was exact… This trade show will doubtless get next to to you scream and aspire to stand positive and cheer.” — pjohn82000

Braveheart (1995).

Top War Movies Braveheart
“As I taste to enter a assess pro a stunning accomplishment be fond of this, here are thumbs down genuine terms to impeccably yield reasons pro the beauty of this epic.” — jbjohanu

Reduction Confidential Ryan (1998).

Top War Movies Saving Private Ryan
“This was arguably the most brilliant Planet Hostilities II coat always.
I be inflicted including in person seen the coat finished 20 era and it by thumbs down means gets dull in check over of the fact including the intention of here’s everlastingly a in tears including the intention of you be inflicted including missed.” — shocker506

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